Bentley Automation Service Help

Working with Components

A component is an asset or item that is important to your business (a business object). Users in the plant industry, for example, might consider components to be equipment or process lines. Users in the building industry might consider components to be walls, doors, and windows.

You can create Bentley Automation Service jobs that extract your particular kind of components from ProjectWise documents and create a component index which can be viewed from ProjectWise Explorer and ProjectWise Web Parts.

When you create a DGN indexing job, the delivered DGN Indexing processor examines the DGN and/or DWG documents in the input set and extracts:

  • cells
  • custom line styles
  • levels
  • models
  • saved views
Note: Custom document processors can also be written and configured to extract information from other document sources, and import it as components. Contact Bentley Professional Services for more information.

In ProjectWise Class Editor, you can customize the component data that is displayed in ProjectWise Explorer and ProjectWise Web Parts.

Extracted DGN data in ProjectWise Explorer