Bentley Automation Service Help


Bentley Automation Service runs on top of ProjectWise Orchestration Framework Service and uses different extensions to automate various processes, with a focus on publishing i-models.

Delivered extensions:

  • Bentley i-model Composition Server for i-models
  • DGN Indexing

Bentley i-model Composition Server for i-models Extension

Bentley i-model Composition Server for i-models, or iCS for i-models for short, lets you run jobs that automate the publishing and transformation of i-models from your source documents in ProjectWise.

There are three types of i-models you can create:

  • An intermediate file (.DGN.I.DGN), which is a new file created from a single CAD file
  • A package file (.I.DGN), which is multiple intermediate files (for example a master file and all its references) combined into a single file
  • An i-model file (.IMODEL), which is at least one package file, optionally combined with other supporting documents into a single file, which can then be viewed in the Bentley Navigator desktop or mobile app.

Bentley i-model Composition Server for i-models uses:

  • the supported i-model publishing engine of your choice to create the intermediate and package files
  • Bentley DgnDb i-model Importer to create the i-model files
  • Bentley i-model Transformer to transform the i-model files

DGN Indexing Extension

This extension lets you run jobs that extract the basic graphics elements (for example, cells, custom line styles) found in standard 2D and 3D DGN/DWG documents and then create a component index of them. Once documents have been processed and a component index is created, the information can be reviewed and searched from either ProjectWise Explorer or ProjectWise Web Parts.