Bentley Automation Service Help

Creating Job Definitions

A job definition establishes the rules for a particular job. This includes:

  • which source documents to process (the input set)
  • how to process the source documents
  • where to store the new documents created by running the job

The rules you define depend on which type of job you are configuring, based on which delivered or custom extension(s) you have installed.

Job definitions are created and edited using the Job Builder dialog.

Once the minimum criteria have been added to a job definition, you can save it. Once saved, your job is ready to be run. You can create as many job definitions as you need. You can also reuse and edit existing job definitions. You can also save a copy of a job definition under another name.

Job definitions are stored in the active Orchestration Framework database, as displayed in the Bentley Automation Service Browser . The job definitions are grouped in the database by the ProjectWise datasource from which the job's input set draws its documents. Despite this grouping, the job name itself must be unique within the Orchestration Framework database.