AssetWise CONNECT Edition Help

To Create an Activity Program

Follow these steps to create an Activity Program.
  1. From the Programs tile, select New Program.
    The New Program page appears.
  2. In the Attributes section, select the Program type from the list.
    Note: This field is required.
  3. Accept or edit the default Name.
    Note: This field is required.
  4. You can enter a Code for the activity program.
  5. Enter the Planned Start Date. This date represents the start date for the activity program.
  6. Enter the Planned End Date. This date represents the date by which all activities of this Type should be completed for all assets added to the Program.
  7. You can enter a Description of the activity program in the box.
  8. In the Estimates section, you can enter the Program Owner , and Overall Scope of Program.
  9. You can enter the Methods in the box.
  10. You can enter the Impact if Target Completion Not Met in the box.
  11. You can enter the Estimated Time, Estimated Cost, Estimated Number of Assets in the boxes.
  12. You can enter the Summary Information in the box.
  13. You can enter the Overall Scope of the Program in the box.
  14. When you are finished, click Save ( ).
The Program page opens to the Attributes tab.