AssetWise CONNECT Edition Help

Responsibility Matrix

The Responsibility Matrix is a supporting component for the submittal review process. The Responsibility Matrix is like a RACI or a Responsibility Assignment Matrix. This is also considered a linear responsibility chart. A responsibility matrix consists of a set of users or skills, and their responsibilities for objects. A user can have more than one responsibility to more than one type of object.

A responsibility matrix entry describes the user or skill, their level of responsibility, and the object for which the user or skill is granted this authority, for example "The Project 3455 Mechanical Engineer is responsible for reviewing Mechanical Drawings in Project 3455."

The responsibility matrix is most often queried by the object type, (in the above example "mechanical drawings related to project 3455"), to identify all possible responsibilities and the parties that will in turn help formulating a dynamic workflow or other activities.

The Responsibility Matrix feature is available from the Responsibility Matrix tile, on the AssetWise CONNECT Edition launch pad.