AssetWise CONNECT Edition Help

To View the Activity Program Workflow

Each asset that is added to an activity program must follow the steps in the program workflow. It is also possible for any activity in the Program workflow to have its own workflow, resulting in nested workflows within an activity program.

You can view the workflow for an activity program, from the program itself, an asset related to the program, as well as from AssetWise CONNECT Edition Work Exchange.

This topic describes how to view the workflow from an Activity Program.

  1. Open an activity program, and then click Program Workflow. This tab lists the workflow for the activity program.
  2. View the Program's workflow by doing the following:

    Click the List icon ( ). A list of the activity program's tasks appears. For example,


    Click the Diagram icon ( ). The activity program's tasks appear in a graphical view, for example,

  3. You can select a task and then click View instructions if you want to view the current task's instructions.