AssetWise CONNECT Edition Help

To Change Asset Priority

Priorities can be used to assist users in determining which assets should be considered before others in an activity program. By default, whenever an asset is added to an activity program, it is assigned a default priority value. For more information about defining priorities, see "Defining Program Priorities", in the AssetWise CONNECT Edition Implementation Guide.

It is important to note that:
  • The default value assigned to every asset in a program is "1"
  • Priorities do not have any affect on the order in which the assets are processed within an activity program workflow, they are for information only
  • Multiple assets may be assigned the same priority level.

Follow these steps to change the priority of an asset in AssetWise CONNECT Edition.

  1. Open the activity program for which you want to change the asset priority.
  2. Select the Assets tab. This tab lists all assets associated with the activity program.
  3. Select one or more assets from the list.
  4. From the Actions menu, select Update program priority
    The Update Program Priority dialog appears.
  5. Select a priority from the list, and then click Save.
The asset's priority is updated.