Staggered Lap

The Staggered Lap detail is only available when you lap the end of the current bar to another bar using the Lapped Bar method.  Normally the two lapped bars are aligned approximately along the same centerline.  The Staggered Lap option simply places a diagrammatic stagger at the end of the current bar, along the full length of the lap, making it possible to see the end of both bars.  The detail has no effect on scheduled lengths or bar shape.

If the Full-Size Structural Detail attribute for the bar is activated, the staggered lap detail is omitted.  The end of the bar is detailed as it really appears when lapped to the adjacent bar.

The detail is selected from the bottom row of the icon tool box as shown in the dialog:

When the icon is selected, the detail is applied immediately without any further user-interaction.  The typical detail looks like:

The size of the offset applied to the staggered end is defined by the STGR parameter in "display.sys" (refer Chapter 10).  This variable is specified in terms of paper-size units (i.e. a certain length on the final drawing).  The stagger is always maintained therefore, regardless of the scale of the detail.  The offset on the stagger changes as the drawing scale increases and decreases.

If you place the staggered lap detail initially on the wrong side, select the Reverse Side toggle button.  The detail switches immediately to the opposite side.