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Working with DGN Files

A MicroStation document file is called a DGN file. A DGN file is composed of one or more models, each of which is represented using elements such as lines, arcs, and shapes. The File menu has items for creating, opening, and saving DGN files. These file management operations and others can also be performed using the File Open dialog.

You can have only one DGN file open at a time. If you open a DGN file when one is already open, the first file automatically closes.

You can, however, view the models contained in other DGN files by attaching them as references to the active model in the open DGN file.

When you create a DGN file, MicroStation copies one of the provided templates or seed DGN files. The seed file is copied to a new filename that you specify in the New dialog.

With the addition of the Set Seed File utility, MicroStation becomes more tightly integrated with Windows Explorer. Using this utility, you can specify the seed file that will be copied when you choose New > Bentley MicroStation Design File in Windows Explorer.

The MicroStation program group contains a shortcut to the Set Seed File utility.

The utility is a dialog that supports the following options for specifying the seed file:

Set Seed File utility dialog

To Open a DGN File
To Create a DGN File and Open It
To Specify a Seed File for Creating a DGN File Using the Set Seed File Utility
To Open a DGN File from a Remote Location
To Close the Open DGN File

Compressing Files

Saving and Backing Up Your Work

Recording Design History

Merging DGN Files

DGN File Properties